Started service in 2004 with a great ambition of uplifting human values through Indian culture and traditional medicine system.IIYN provided vast opportunity to serve /treat people with ancient health of fitness stream like yoga therapy, Nature cure, traditional rejuvenation program and hygienic living without any side effects, the institute treated number of diseased people druglessly. Richness of our countries ancient practices should promote through such an ideally blended manner to serve mankind with unique Indian medicine for system of health care. IIYN conducted regular fitness program to all stream of people, taught young generation a precaution method and prevention of forthcoming miseries; personality development etc. also provided an opportunity to women to keep fit physically and mentally by fundamental practice of yoga and spiritual theme.so that we can set a healthy society with healthy mothers. IIYN organized number of social, spiritual, ethical, moral and health program throughout mandya district and in Bangalore city. Now the Institute decided to step into a greater path to all over Karnataka, further set a network all part of the country and dream of " GLOBAL FOUNDATION", so that the service of Indian ancient practice of our traditional culture to spread all over the world.

Our Team


CEO / Chairman


"Dr. Manohar Naik eminent Ancient Medicine Specialist,Founder President,an Indian,born in Coastal Karnataka.His forefathers were traditional practitioner of yoga and holistic medicines. He started yoga at the age of 8 studied under his Grand Parents. He was inspired by Astanga yoga, Shat darshanas and Holy Literature of India. Studied his fundamental education in his native place, completed Bachelor of Science in Naturopathy and Yoga., Master of Science in Naturopathy and Yoga., at KSOU, Karnataka. Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines from IBAM Kolkata. His ambition is to serve the Mankind through Indian ancient technique of healing and remedies. He studied Sanatana Dharma, Yoga shastra, veda, Upanishats, Puranas, Bhagavad gita,Ancient drugless therapies. He took many years to research on yoga and traditional technique of healing, applied these research to sort out ailments in a new stream. Merely treated thousands of diseased people, got solution. His dream of social service and mind of charity is the main reason to establish of IIYN. His big dream is to form "Global foundation" very soon. So that people from any corner of the world can benefit from such traditional and ancient stream of cure. Presently he serve the people in Mysore through IIYN"


Secretary/ Therapy & Fitness chief


"Disciple of Yoga guru Manohar,Founder of IIYN. started yoga practice at the age of 10 by his forefather. He did his graduation from ST Xavier's college Mumbai, India, post graduation in Master of yogic science from Mangalore University under the guidance of legendary professor of yogic science Dr. K. Krishna Bhatt who is the disciple of legacy Sri Pattabhi jois. He is also Professional Naturopath from AINCF Delhi,Working for IIYN since 2004. He took participation in a Institute's several Research activities, invented new and contemporary style of yoga, to reach people of modern age.Under the guidance of guru Manohar,Became specialized in clinical yoga therapy, yogic osteo therapy, Ethric therapy, yogic counseling, yogic reflexology, nadi science and undertakes several holystic Indian therapy for stress, pain management and psychosomatic disorders. His experience and innovative stream of practices are true promise for IIYN."

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