According to yogic science 79% of disorders are considered to be psychosomatic. There is general agreement that a high percentage are psychosomatic and that their primary cause are our thoughts, attitudes and belief. This is not saying that the symptoms of disease are imaginary; they are certainly real enough and real physiological changes to occur. Psychosomatic means the major source of the disease lies in once emotional, mental, perceptual and behavioural habits. In other words, the way that we have in conditioned to react to our environment has resulted in internal physiological changes with either into disease or allows diseases state to exist.


Yogic Science Treatments has proved to be very effective in fighting certain diseases incurable with medicines. Most of the diseases can’t cured by chemical or other such treatments because their emotional origin they are so called psychosomatic diseases originated in the mind; the causes being in the mind, the manifestations in the body. It is for this reason that the cause will not disappear by just treating the body and no patient will be able to overcome such diseases either permanently or completely.

Dr Manohar Naik


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